We want to give a SPECIAL thank-you to all of our patients in allowing us the opportunity to help and make a difference in their lives. WE LOVE YOU!!! Thank you to those that shared a few words about their experience so we can help others! Your kind words mean the world to us.

Do You Want To Become Healthier?

Dr. Pritchard is one of the best chiropractors I have been to. You can tell that he cares about his patients. I have been going to a chiropractor for my entire life, however, while being under Dr. Pritchard’s care I noticed a dramatic improvement in my health and well-being. I highly recommend entering into care with him if you want to become a healthier individual.

Seth W.

Is Chiropractic Forceful? What About My Feet and Wrists?

Dr. Pritchard delivers some of the best adjustments I have ever had! There is no forcefulness and he is very gentle. You can tell he has taken the time to learn from the best. He is willing to listen to you as well as communicate with you what exactly he is going to be doing. I was able to get my feet and wrists worked on along with my entire spine. I cannot recommend coming to Dr. Pritchard enough!

Dylan H.

Do You Have Lower Back or Hip Pain?

Dr. Tylor is an incredible chiropractor. He genuinely cares about your health + is very diligent to make sure he is getting to the root cause of your health concerns. Every adjustment he gives is precise + intentional. I get adjusted by Tylor for overall wellness so that my nervous system can function better, but I’ve noticed so many of my health concerns + pain points healed tremendously while being under his care. After getting adjusted by him consistently, my lower back/hip pain was gone. I was able to lay on my side again + sit or stand for long periods of time without pain (something I’ve never been able to do). I’ve also noticed that the tightness + tingling in my forearms that I’ve had for many years went away completely! Finally, I’ve just experienced better focus in school, better moods, + overall higher functioning nervous system, so that my entire body functions better. He truly wants you to heal + will educate you about your health so that you can be an active participant in healing. Getting adjusted by Tylor will change your life. I highly, highly recommend!

Brienna W.

Old Injuries?

Dr. Pritchard immediately helped me with pain that radiated from hips down through my legs, chronic bursitis in my left knee from a prior injury, and postural problems in my mid back and neck. He also helped me with a left ankle that I sprained from high school, which I didn't even realize I still had problems from. He was excellent working with extremities and smooth with his adjustments. After a few visits the bursitis went down and I felt more aligned, the pain from my hips/legs was gone and hasn't come back since. The ankle adjusting always made me feel 15 pounds lighter.

Jack B.

Does Chiropractic Help With Athletic Performance?

Dr. Tylor is one of the best adjuster out there and an extremity expert! he has been a game changer with his foot adjustments and as has helped me so much in life and as an athlete to be able to perform at a higher level ! I could not recommend Dr. Tylor enough as a doctor and as a human! I trust him fully in keeping my body and my nervous system healthy

Sonja B.

Knee Pain?

I had a knee surgery scheduled when I came to see Dr. Pritchard. After my first adjustment, I cancelled my surgery and now my knee feels stronger than before! Thank you!

Pamela C.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

I was referred to Dr. Tylor by my friend for wrist and hand numbness I had for years. It felt amazing when he adjusted my wrist, and the pain and numbness went away within a couple weeks!

Vance M.


I became pregnant while under Dr. Tylor's care while he was a student. I followed him when he started practicing, and he made pregnancy SO MUCH MORE comfortable. Thank you!

Alexa F.


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