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Many parents are deciding to take their healthy children to chiropractors, and others asking WHY? The answer is simple: whether you have a large spine or a small spine, it is important to have it checked regularly in order to keep our bodies working to the best of their ability. Check out this article and see why many parents are seeking out chiropractic care in Columbus for their children!

The Nervous System

Kids, as you may well know, are always learning and growing (at a much faster rate than adults). This growth and learning process is controlled by our incredible nervous system. The same system that allows you to smell, taste, see, and hear also controls all the systems and processes in our bodies. Kids are especially susceptible to any alterations or pressure on their nervous system. Kind of like your cell phone service, you don't want a fuzzy signal. It's especially important to get kids checked by a chiropractor as they are growing and developing to ensure their nervous system is able to effectively communicate with all parts of their body.

How Do Kids Get Nerve Irritation?

Another question we get asked quite often is "how do kids end up with nerve irritation"? Just like adults, kids are under many stresses throughout their everyday life. The physical trauma kids undergo through the hours of playing is enough to warrant a spinal check-up. Add stresses from school, family life, environmental contaminants, or diet and even the most resilient children can end up in need of a chiropractor. Dr. Pritchard uses gentle techniques that help children thrive.

10 Reasons Parents Should Take Their Kids to a Chiropractor

Receiving chiropractic care thoughout childhood offers a variety of benefits:

  • 1. To help with colic and irritable baby syndrome

  • 2. To maximize your child's brain and body development

  • 3. To enhance overall health and wellbeing

  • 4. To reduce the risk of colds, ear-aches, and other illness through enhanced immunity

  • 5. To help with asthma, breathing difficulties, and allergies

  • 6. To improve position, flexibility, and strength of their spine

  • 7. To help with your child's ability to focus

  • 8. To assist with behavioural issues and enhance emotional health

  • 9. To help with digestive problems

  • 10. To assist with sleep and bed-wetting issues

Your child's health is their greatest asset, please call Potent Chiropractic in Columbus for a free consultation with our doctor.


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